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1035 K-Lite Still Missed

It has been three long years since 1035 K-lite met its demise. It has also been that long since I tuned in to Philippine radio. The big black hole left by K-lite still chills my bones when I dared to tune in using my mobile phone. The airwaves have been jam-packed by pure blah, enough said.

Here’s what I’ve been missing:

  • Great DJs -> Lanie and Jinji, Vito and Melinda, Carl for the Red Eye and Blade for E-Z street
  • Great Programs –>Talk Back, Morning Brew, Lite N’ Live,  Faster Than Lite (?)
  • *Great Playlist -> in the end it’s all about the music

The overall package of the frequency was tailored fit for me. K-lite will never be forgotten easily, especially when I hear songs that I discovered through K – lite.

Here’s my top 10 list of tunes that are so K-lite.

10) “Who Is Me” by Silvercrush

09) “Children Say” by Level 42

08) “Somewhere In The Middle” by Dishwalla

07) “Breathe” by Greenwheel

06) “Save It For Later” by Splender

05) “Best Thing” by Dropline

04) “Freeze” by Pay The Girl

03) “Take Me As I Am” by Tonic

02) “Wasting My Time” by Default

01) “New Black Car” by July For Kings


6 Responses to “1035 K-Lite Still Missed”

  1. K-Lite’s the station I used to listen way back when I still thought that radio was still worth it. Nowadays, I’m so tired of the yapping in between songs that I just tune out. I miss this K-Lite too, and it holds a special place in my heart. I won several freebies from them too: movie tickets, books and uh, even a makeover (which I didn’t redeem haha).

  2. nice one, kat! :)

  3. I like K-lite, too.

    I agree about Vito. Entertaining dude. I heard he does hosting stints these days.

    • @armi:

      Vito on his K-lite morning show with Melinda had a different kind of Top Ten List. My favorite was the “Top Ten Guitar Solos”. Yes, on the hosting gig. I saw him co-anchor a PBA game. :)

  4. do you remember the night at work when you played the 105.1 tune the whole entire time? drove me nuts! you fool! hahaha but my memories of you are always like nakakasira ng bait na chika! sira ulo ka kasi!

  5. i miss the banters between vito and anjanette in the morning and carlo and micky’s in hte evening. plus thier playlist is awesome

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