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My Dr. House Soundtrack

If I would create a Dr. House Soundtrack, the list would look like this..

Here goes…

Teardrop” by Massive Attack – Theme Song

On Saturday Afternoons In 1963” by Rickie Lee Jones -Episode 2: Paternity

What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong – Episode 9: DNR

Baba O’Riley” by The Who – Episode 14: Control

Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley – Episode 23: Acceptance

Beautiful” by Elvis Costello – Episode 24: Autopsy

Nessun Dorma” from Giacomo Puccini’s “Turandot” – Episode 24: Autopsy

Delicate” by Damien Rice – Episode 25: Humpty Dumpty

You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones – Episode 22: Honeymoon

Stranger In A Strange Land” by Leon Russell – Episode 26 TB or Not TB


225 Responses to “My Dr. House Soundtrack”

  1. what’s the song playing when the little girl, whom chase kissed, came out of the hospital. i think it’s in the autopsy ep still.

  2. I think it was Elvis Costello’s version of Beautiful…House was test driving a motorcycle.

  3. dang gilbz. it’s not. it’s the song prior to beautiful. gay.

  4. Can’t find the song… i’ll have to watch the episode again… i’ll load up the episode transcript…
    House: I’m not gonna kiss you no matter what you say. [She hugs him]
    Andie: It’s sunny outside, you should go for a walk.
    House: Yeah. [He looks at his cane] I’m not much for long walks in the park. Now get.
    [Closes the way it opened with Beautiful. Sung this time by Elvis Costello]
    [House stands on the street looking at some motorcycles, a guy is talking to him but he doesn’t hear it because the song is actually playing on his head phones]
    Salesman: Right leg?
    [House removes the headphones]
    House: Huh?
    Salesman: Your right leg? You can still ride. We’ve got excellent financing right now. It lists for 10-8 but I’ll let you steal it out the door for 10-3.
    House: No thanks. [He starts to leave and then turns back] Could I test drive one of these things?
    [Fade out on House: riding the open road]

  5. Hi, i´m looking for songs from epizode 16. Dr. House listen to them in his office when that new boss interrupted him.

  6. Was it the one where House was jammin to, and Vogler interrupted him? I think it’s Baba O’ Riley by The Who.

  7. Thank’s gilbz.

  8. Hi folks, I’d like to know the name of the song when that cop arrests Greg when driving his motorbike.
    I think there’s a part of it that makes…”All I wanna do is hide…and then “platform” and I dunno whatelse”
    Does anybody know about it?

  9. What´s the name of the song “non of us is free¨

  10. It’s “None of Us Are Free” by Solomon Burke

  11. what’s the name of the song in the 15 years old model episode? The chorus says something like “…desire…”

  12. In the new season of HOUSE …..the Episode where House fakes having cancer in his brain (the one where he plays piano)

    about 35-40 minutes in or so …..theres a song that is played – starts out with guitar (almost similar to a jack johnson style)

    and im wondering who that artist is ..its a guy singer

    and some of the lyrics are along the lines of you can stay inside of me (and some persons name that starts with a D )I couldnt make it out …..

    but if you know…id love to find out so i can get this album

    MANY THANKS in advanced !!!!!!
    cheers from Canada

  13. For Keny Says:
    The name of the song in the 15 years old model episode: “Disire” by Ryan Adams

  14. For Keny:
    The name of the song in the 15 years old model episode: “Desire” by Ryan Adams

  15. I am Timber, I think you’re looking for the song ‘In the Deep’ by Bird York (?).

  16. Hi,

    Does anyone knows who sings this great tune ending the episode when House finds his parking place taken by a new doctor on wheel chair?

  17. Does anybody know the name of the main song in second season?

  18. Hi, please please does anyone know the song when House realises that he likes living together with his friend at the end of the episode? It is a very famous song (and the same in I, Robot when Will Smith puts on his Converse at the beginning)

    Thank you very much.

  19. Is it Al Green’s “Love and Happiness”?

  20. i´m trying to find the music that appears when doctor house goes to the sauna´s hospital to listen to the recording of an heart beat!!! he says that there he have better acoustic. it´s a opera i think!! somebody knows the name of that music?

  21. YES! Thanks gilbz! You’re great!

  22. Ricardo it is an opera piece, “Nessun Dorma” from Giacomo Puccini’s “Turandot”.

  23. hi! I want to know, if someone pls could tell me, the name of the song in the Episode where Dr house decides to amputate a man´s hand… I don´t remember the season… thanks

  24. Soles, maybe it’s from Season 2’s episode, Humpty Dumpty. House wants to amputate the hand of the patient but Cuddy refuses to let that happen. My best bet is the song “Delicate” by Damien Rice.

  25. Could someone tell me the name of the song in the episode where dr. foreman gives his two weeks notice after extracting a boy’s medulla without anestecia? i want to know the name of the song at the end. Thanks.

  26. I would like to know the name of the song playing on the very beginning of House. It starts like massive attack, but it’s different.

  27. @ Denial, are you asking about the House MD theme? It is “Teardrop” by Massive Attack.

  28. @Hector, That’s for episode entitled “Family”, wherein the patient’s only hope for survival is a bone marrow transplant from his younger brother, the song is probably “Ain’t No Reason” by Brett Dennen. Check out this SkreemR site to verify if I got the correct song.

  29. Thanks a lot gilbz, yes, that’s the song i was lookinf for.

  30. Hey, what is that cool song that is playing at the end of the House episode when he has to take care of Willson’s girlfriend’s dog? im dying to hear it again, please if anyone know please let me know!

  31. @Oliver, on the episode “Family”, House gives Hector[the dog] some Vicodin, please check if the song you are looking for is “Ain’t No Reason” by Brett Dennen. Check out the song if I got your song:

    [audio src="" /]

  32. the songs name is “IN THE DEEP” by bird york

    the song after beautiful, right?

    also, desire by ryan adams a couple episodes prior is also a good song… well suited for the show as is IN THE DEEP

    by the way, mate, i think the song “delicate” was used in lost before it was used in house… i can’t recall excatly but it’s when they first crashed and hurley was listening to it on his discman. batteries ran out before it ended… great song though…

    and as for the intro, believe it or not but i’ve heard 3 different intro’s from house two of which sound nothing like teardrop. odd, eh?

  33. the singer’s full name might be kathleen bird york but the song you lot are after is definitely IN THE DEEP…

  34. I would like to know what’s the name of the song in the episode where house is hallucinating .. and the guy who’s singing says : ” ten miles away ”

  35. anyone can tell me what is the sound in “the jerk” episode 23 of 3rd season when this guy is hallucinating bbecause of he mushrooms

  36. @damian, they used “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly in that episode, having a spin on the mushrooms…

  37. @patricia, are you talking about the episode “No Reason”, where House gets shot?

  38. thank you gilbz

  39. I would like to know the name of the song in one of the house episodes… don’t know which one or anything…

    but the episode is with that guy that likes to be strangled. and i think something is wrong with his jaw..?

    wel the song is at the end of the episode when dr. house is in his office, listening to this music…

    the song goes something like: …i’m broken, don’t break me… and a man is siging it…

    please help…:)

  40. @Wendy, This was way back in season 1, EP 20 – “Love Hurts”. The patient has fulminating osteomylitis – infection of the jaw. The song was “Some Devil” by Dave Mattews:

    One last kiss one only
    Then I’ll let you go Hard for you
    I’ve fallen
    But you can’t break my fall
    I’m broken don’t break me
    When I hit the ground

    Some devil some angel
    Has got me to the bones
    You said always and forever
    Now I believe you baby
    You said always and forever
    Is such a long and lonely time

    Too drunk and still drinking
    It’s just the way I feel
    It’s alright
    Is what you told me
    Cause what we had was so beautiful
    Feel heavy like floating
    At the bottom of the sea

    You said always and forever
    Now I believe you baby
    You said always and forever
    Is such a long and lonely time

    Some devil is stuck inside of me
    I cannot set it free
    I wish, I wish I was dead and you breathing
    Just so that you could know
    Some angel is stuck inside of me
    But I cannot set you free

    You said always and forever
    Now I believe you baby
    You said always and forever
    Such a long and lonely time

    Stuck inside of me”

  41. Hey… thank you very much. And thanks for the lyrics :)

  42. Please can anyone tell me which is the name of the song In the episode when a student goes to Jamaica and he’s in a party (I want the song that sounds in the party) and he get’s sick it´s a song af rock please i want your answer

  43. @Dj Silverio, this was in Season 2, “Daddy’s Boy. The song playing on that graduation party is “Word Up!” by Korn. Get the file here:!.mp3

  44. i’m talking about that episode where House had an hallucination .. When he takes a shower and then he had an hallucination .

  45. @patricia, it could be in the Season 2 episode “Distractions”. The song is “Get Miles” by Gomez.

  46. hi all , i come from Quebec ,canada,( i talf french) , the intro soud is not the same, is a other version of tearsedrop

  47. In the episode 16 of the 3rd season “top secret” there is a sound after “get down tonight” when the marines get shot and we see House in uniform

  48. @azuld, the song is “Get Down Tonight” by K.C. & The Sunshine Band. :)

  49. no there is a song just after this one

  50. sorry to ask you another time but i have just found this song
    it s “dimension” from wolfmother
    sorry again

  51. in season 2, episode 15.. whats the name of the song at the end ?

  52. @Eddiie, the episode was “Clueless” and the closing song is “Love and Happiness” by Al Green.

  53. Hi folks, I’d like to know the name of the song when that cop arrests Greg House when driving his motorbike.
    I think there’s a part of it that makes…”All I wanna do is hide…and then “platform” and I dunno whatelse”
    Does anybody know about it?

  54. Michael Penn – Walter Reed is the one mwahaha

  55. Hi All, Greetings from Carinthia!
    Last week I saw the first time Dr, House and I was fascinated.
    The songs which where played are great.
    Could somebody inform me if there is a cd with the soundtrack existing. Also I want ot know the song at the end of the episode where Dr. House helps a joung boy who thinks that Alliens always kidnapping him and make test with him. In this episode also Dr. House foot starts to hurt again.
    Thank you in advance!

  56. @Karin, you were watching the Season 3’s “Cane and Able”, a 7-year-old boy, a product of in-vitro fertilization, who’s been admitted to the hospital with rectal bleeding and proclamations of alien abductions and experimentation. The closing song is “Gravity” by John Mayer. To date, there’s still no official soundtrack out yet for House, MD.

  57. Dear ‘gilbz’ whoever you are, thank you very much!
    I just realized that all songs on the album ‘Continuum’ from John Mayer are great. DANKESCHÖN!

  58. Greetings from Manila, Karin! Thank you for visiting the site!

  59. Hey! .. i’m looking for a song named Gravity (i think that’s the name), but i don’t remember when did it came.. It was when an important investigator dies of “Red something”, he was asking for eutanasia but House didn’t want to let him die.. Does anyone remember??

  60. @Myriam, John Mayer’s song Gravity came out in the episode entitled “Cane and Able”. The episode about euthanasia is entitled “Informed Consent”. House’s patient: a renowned doctor and author, demands that the team stop the litany of medical tests and help him end his life since the possibility of a cure is slim.

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  62. Does anybody know the name of the song at the end of season 4 episode 9? It is when Cuddy figures out the game that house played on her to get 3 team members

  63. Yeah I want to know the name of that song as well :)

  64. Gilbz, have seen you solving more difficult things than I’m asking. I’d be glad to get an answer. : )
    In S1E09 DNR, the very first song when Henry Giles tries to play the horn for those kids. What’s it called?

  65. @leutvonhier wouldn’t it be Louis Armstrong “What A Wonderful World?”

  66. @ Samperi, check out this song for SE04EP09 by Norman Greenbaum, “”Spirit in the Sky” :)

  67. Gilbz, nah. Not the very last song of this Episode, the first when Giles is sitting in the studio, trying to play the horn.

  68. @ leutvonhier, I’ll try to watch season 1 again and figure it out. I know the reruns will be coming up soon…

  69. Hi, does anyone know, what the classical piano song in the beginning of episode 15 of season3 is? The son is playing it on stage for a charity gala.

  70. @verwalter it’s a Beethoven piece: “Waldstein Sonata (No. 21 in C major, Op. 53, Allegro con brio)”

  71. Thx :) on my way to the music shop to get the piano scores!

  72. hey guys….in the House episode with Henry Giles [the horn player]…in that episode, foreman walks into House’s office and he’s lying on the floor with all these empty EP covers on the floor….what is the song that he is listening….also, what is the song that he jams to in the beginning of that episode with that band…

  73. Hi guys! Need help on the last tune in the 13th episode (Needle in a haystack) of the 3rd season. I have the OST of that season but it isn’t there. Any clue which one might it be?

  74. @Phil, it’s not “In The Waiting Line” by Zero 7?

  75. Thx Gilbz, that’s the one I’ve been looking for! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

  76. Happy Christmas Too @ Phil! :D

  77. […] dazu hat der gute Herr hier einen IST (inofficial soundtrack :D) […]

  78. LoVe House Md..!!
    Is so Great ,,
    But,,I LoVe Hugh Lauri…!

  79. first season, episode 14 is when Edward Vogler appears, I think it’s called control but I’m not sure, whats the name of the song when House is pretending to play two keybords?

  80. @Hector, it was “Baba O’Riley” by The Who.

  81. hello all, I´m trying to find what is violin melody from 3. season 3. episode, where Esra Powell is anatomizing mouse. somebody knows?

  82. @hekate, its a J.S. Bach piece played by Yo Yo Ma, “Suite No. 1, S. 1007 In G Major: Prelude”

  83. I just want to know the name of the song who talk about gravity I don’t know much about it if you can help me send me the title please

  84. @mike, please try “Gravity” by John Mayer…

  85. What do you think about the American Beauty soundtrack:
    “Any other name” of Thomas Newman

    The song is almost used in every episode as background music.

    By the way i made a good piano sheet of The House & Patrick Duet. Anybody interested?

    • Hi Remon!! I know I’m commenting this post really late but any chance that you’d still have that piano sheet of the duet with Patrick? Would help a lot, I just love the molody.
      Thanks a lot !!

  86. hey! in the third ep of the 3rd season i think, the episode with the famous doctor wich finally dies….there’s the song in the end…i know it’s probably famous, i recognise it but i can’t figure out what it is.please heeeelp, it’s killing me

  87. @jude please try “Into Dust” by Mazzy Star. Thanks!

  88. where i can find the song from the episode whit the authistic child? somthing like “Idont vana go alone… “

  89. @jezko, what season was this episode?

  90. In response to leutvonhier’s question, I too would like to know the name of the song at the beginning of DNR in season 1. Not What a Wonderful world, at the end, but the one that Giles tries to play at the beginning. Thanks

  91. I wanted to know what song was House playing on his guitar at the end of the one that he was arrested while driving his motorcycle? There was also a song on a previous episode that house was playing on this piano, does anyone know these two songs?
    Thanks so much

  92. can someone please tell me the name of the song at the end of episode 2 season 3, when the patient is looking at his amputated hand?

  93. heloooooo its my favourite film!!!!!!!!!!

  94. odzywajcie się po polsku!!!

  95. I like a song from the episodie when mr edward vogler enter i the house office for talk with him.

    The song is Teenage Wasteland (the who) CSI new york theme

  96. i`m from chile

  97. Hi Andrezautomata! The Who’s song is actually entitled “Baba O’Riley”. Please see this article :)

  98. hey does anyone know the song in season 2 episode 22, forever? the one where foramen almost dies?

  99. “One Safe Place” by Mark Cohn?

  100. #86 REMON!!!! I really wanna see your music sheet for the House&Patrick duet!!! do you have a link?

  101. I would really like to get my hands on the starting song of the Episod 15 Season 4 … anybody has any ideea who plays that song and what is it called ?

  102. is that the one with the lap dance?

  103. I watched house on thursday 14th may the episode was called game and i really enjoyed it. At the end before the credits go down an intro to a really great track begins But i cant remember who plays it and would be very gratefull if anyone could let me know. Thanks Dave (Manchester, England)

  104. S4 E15 Opening: U A Freak – Chingy
    S2 E22 Foreman Dies: Over Yonder – The American Boychoir
    S3 E2 Hand: Gravity – John Mayer
    S3 E4 Autistic: Waiting on an Angel – Ben Harper
    S3 E3 Ending: Into Dust – Mazzy Star
    S4 E9 Ending: Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum

  105. i cant find anywhere the song played at the end of s4e16. episode when amber died in it. after saying “u can’t always get what u want” to house and the song start played. pleasee..i really want that song.but do not know neither the title nor the singer.

    ika yusoff (malaysia)

  106. Hi, Id really appreciate it if someone could tell me the name of a song and the artist from one of the episodes of house. I dont know the season or episode number. House is trying to help a female psychiatrist who is trapped in a research lab in the antarctic. House is giving her a physical, remotely from his aprtment and begins to play this song on his computer as his patient begins to undress. Cant get it out of my head!
    Thanks in advance, Jaipreet.

  107. Hi, can anyone tell me what the last song was for S5 E2 (“Not Caner”)? I can’t find it anywhere!


  108. hey u ol, just want to know which episode of House.where Lifehouse’s song “storm” was played? thanks

  109. @ Jaipreet, when House was performing a long distance physical exam, Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” is playing. It was a great episode with Mira Sorvino!

  110. @ Kendall, Season 5 Episode 2 – Not Cancer, the closing song was “You Might Die Trying” by Dave Matthews.

  111. @mist, sorry can’t recall any Lifehouse song being played on House :(

  112. @jezko… that will be Waiting On An Angel by Ben Harper

  113. Thanks for all the names of the songs I was trying to find….Love House…They always play the best music. Stuff I never heard before..Thanks again.

  114. como se llama la cancion q sale en la cuarta temporada episodio 16 donde house esta en coma en el hospital alucina estar en un autobus con amber y esta todo de blanco , gracias

  115. @alexander, the song would be “Light For The Deadvine” by People In Planes.

  116. what is the name of the song house plays with the PI at the end of season 5 episode 3?

  117. @sirdumpty, it’s “Drown In My Tears” by Ray Charles.

  118. hey! wondered if you could help me find the name of that song in episode 7, season 4..with the kid that has a big growth on his face and needs surgery..something like “hey,you got me think at what we need..”


  119. @rony, it’s “My Home Is In Your Head” by Joseph Arthur:

    You want to be free
    Don’t act like it’s bad
    I’m already dead
    My home is your head

    Hey You and me
    Can’t get what we need
    Hey You and me
    Can’t get what we need

    You’re a suicide
    Only out for revenge
    You can’t controll my mind
    If I don’t believe your’re gonna try

    Hey You and me
    Can’t get what we need
    Hey You and me
    Can’t get what we need

    You want to be free
    Don’t act like it’s bad
    I’m already dead
    My home is your head

    Hey You and me
    Can’t get what we need
    Hey You and me
    Can’t get what we need

  120. @ gilbz fantastic!!! thanks so much :x

  121. no biggie @ rony!

  122. me encanta la serie DR.HOUSE es de lo mejor no me pierdo ningun capitulo enserio me fasina house si los pudiera conocer en persona me moriria de tansolo verlos es incrible

  123. english please?

  124. Hi. In episode 66 – where foreman is threating a young woman with radiation coz of cancer, then finds out she has an infektion and not cancer so she dies from the wrong threament – there is a very quit song — “.. if you are lost then follow me…”.. any one knows the title?

    Thx – Nette DK

  125. @Nette please try “Good Man” by John Ritter, thanks!

  126. Hi! I just want to know whats the song playing in season 2 ,episode 02(Autposy) when Andy is getting a pericardium surgery?(from 18:37 to 20:30 exactly)Dr Wilson is watching the surgery from a cabin.


  127. @Renaud it’s “In The Deep” by Bird York.

  128. Are you sure? There’s 3 surgeries in the entire episode and I am talking about the first one…Dr Chase is assisting Dr Murphy in that surgery. I already have ”In the Deep” and that’s not the same song than the one i’m talking about…or maybe it’s a ”remix” lol.

    Hope you can help me.Thanks


  129. i dunno anymore :(

  130. What was the name of the song and the artist when the camera was panning over him while he was laying in the hospital bed, then it went to him and amber on the bus, what was the song before that.

  131. @ CKYrules, try “Light For The Deadvine” by People In Planes

  132. what are the classical piano songs that house plays in his office. For example when wilson is eating a 7 herb chicken in front of house and he is listening to those songs.

  133. Hi, whenever House is in his office there seems to be some piano music playing in his cd player. For example when wilson comes to house to talk about ethics and is eating a 7 herbed chicken. what were those songs that were on his player. does anyone know?

  134. I just saw the Episode when dr. house was taking care of dr. wilsons dog. Was wondering what song was playing at the end when wilson was walking out of house’s office with the dog limping away.

  135. Does anyone know with song play on the beginning of episode 5 from the 5te sesason

  136. @Berny Season 5 Episode 5 opening : “Cheap and Cheerful” by The Kills.

  137. @woo, @ rach, can you give me at least what season or a title of the episode. thanks!

  138. Hey gilbz,
    I found the song i was looking for. Thanks anyways
    It was season 3 title of episode was family
    The song was….. “Ain’t No Reason” by Brett Dennen

  139. @rach, alrighty! thanks for dropping by!

  140. @gilbz

    hey gilbz do u know the piano song in the episode who’s your daddy in second season with the katrina hurricane victim. House is in his office and listens to a song on a cd with piano playing.

    what is that song?

  141. what is the name of the song when amber and house are on the bus

  142. Josh when u get the name of the song house and amber on the bus email it to me pliz

  143. @josh try “Light For The Deadvine” by People In Planes. Thanks!

  144. What piece of classical music can the marine in “Top Secret” not hear when Wilson is performing his test?

  145. @will , “Trout Piano Quintet in A major” by Franz Schubert. Thanks!

  146. Hi, does anybody know the song
    I don t wanna walk alone at the end of the episode with the samall boy ?

  147. Hi, I’d like to know the name of the song playing in the end of episode 16 of season 4. Thanks from the Czech Republic

  148. @Strouhy , the closing scene tune for Season 4 Episode 16 [Wilson’s Heart] is “Passing Afternoon” by Iron & Wine.

  149. Anyone know the song playing over the end sequence of the February 2 episode … the teacher is greeting her student, and then Cuddy is going to work? Shazam couldn’t catch it…

  150. Hey, i wonder on season 3 episode half-wit when House plays the piano duet with a nother one, does anyone have the piano sheet for this song? please i’ve been looking everywhere

  151. One of the House episodes about the young “gypsy” teenager had probably one of the best songs that I have ever heard. It was called “In the Waiting Line” by Zero7. I ordered the CD after hearing it on the episode (I googled “House” and In the Waiting Line–there were many hits!) ANyway, the rest of the CD is awesome too. I have to hand it to the folks who pick the music for the show. They do a great job.

  152. to Blai: The song when the cop arrests Greg when driving his motorbike is called Walter Reed and is sung by Michael Penn. Hope it is not too late and this information is still useful for you.

  153. Hi
    any idea what’s the song that’s playing in the ending credits for the second and third season? the first season has a different one and don’t know about the rest.

  154. if somebody can tell´me waht´s the soundtrack where dr house is runing at hospital in the new seasion but if u speak spanish best my englis is ask

  155. what is the first song at beginning of the episode n°9 from the fifth season?

  156. In one of the new season’s episode’s of HOUSE, the one where he fakes cancer and he and his patient play the piano, there is an awesome song at the end.
    about 50 – 55 minuets into it. there is a part of the lyrics that is ” ’cause I ain’t trying to pick a fight with everyone you meet’.
    If you know, the song, please let me know!Thanks!

    Have a good one!

  157. In a new season of House , the episode where he fakes cancer and he and his patient play the piano, there is an awesome song at the end.
    about 50 – 55 minuets into it. there is a part of the lyrics that is ” ’cause I ain’t trying to pick a fight with everyone you meet’.
    If you know, the song, please let me know!Thanks!

    Have a good one!

  158. @sarah it’s “See The World” by Gomez.

    Day to day, where do you want to be?
    Cause now you’re trying to pick a fight with everyone you need
    You seem like a soldier
    Whose lost his composure
    You’re wounded and play a waiting game
    In No-Man’s-Land no one’s to blame

    See the world
    Find an old-fashioned girl
    And when all’s been said and done
    The things that are given (not won) are the things that you want

    Empty-handed surrounded by a senseless scene
    With nothing of significance besides the shadow of a dream
    You sound like an old joke
    You want out the bed broken
    Asking me time and time again
    And the answer’s still the same

    See the world
    Find an old-fashioned girl
    And when all’s been said and done
    The things that are given (not won) are the things that you want

    Sha la la la la la (x8)

    You have a chance to put things right, so how’s it going to be?
    Lay down your arms now
    And put us beyond doubt
    So reach out it’s not too far away
    Don’t mess around now don’t delay

    See the world
    Find an old-fashioned girl
    And when all’s been said and done
    The things that are given (not won) are the things that you want

    Sha la la la la la (x8)

    The things that you want
    Are given not won

  159. @bogey , House episode 9 on season 5 opening is “It’s Not The Same” by Yppah


  161. @tomy, try “I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats

  162. does anyone have the piano scores from above?

  163. oh my gosh! Thank you so much for finding “See the world” by “Gomez”.

  164. Hi! love this show, love this site!

    would you know the title of that song in season 5 episode 5 when thirteen is in bed with another patient?



  165. Hi!
    You sure?…the first line had a hallelujah…it wasn’t in the opening…
    Love your site…already heard cheap and cheerful on youtube…that’s not it…it started kinda slow that song i heard…

    • @Mark , ahh you were talking about “Could We Survive” by Joseph Arthur

      Hallelujah stop and stare
      When will Jesus find us here
      Could we survive?

      How can you pretend to know
      Who you are or where you’ll go
      When you just get by.

      Hmm dream, dream all the time away.
      Hmm dream, dream all your time away.

      My father’s mother sings this song.
      My mother’s father’s gone beyond
      the clouds, the rain.

      Let’m protecting me from above
      I can feel that tender love
      When I’m in pain.

      Hmm dream, dream all your time away.
      Hmm dream, dream all the time away.

  166. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! hahaha now I’m happy!

  167. What is the song playing at the funeral on episode 5:20 ? ? ? For Kutners funeral!!! I loved it…..amazing.

  168. IM SORRY!! I assumed since you had this awesome website that you watched it when everyone else did….my apologies….please figure out the song though!!!

  169. Nevermind, I stumbled upon it…..its lose you by pete yorn :)

  170. Hey y’all!

    I was just watching an other awesome episode of “House” where he treats a Cuban woman after her heart stopped and she died for a day and then, because it’s “House”, it started again.
    At the end of the show there was a cool, folk styled song. It was during a scene where house was opening a new guitar case. There was a line in the song that sounded “I’m a good man to/for(?) love”.

    If anyone knows it, please tell.

    Thanks from Canada

  171. Love this site, just added it to my favorites!!!
    thnx Gilbz for helping me complete my favorite tunes library!!
    Greetings from Mexico :D

  172. anybody know the song at the end Saviors (season 5 ep 21), the one he plays on the piano?

  173. hey,

    does somebody know wich song was played in S5,ep 22 (last one) on the bachelor party?

    Greetings from Slovenia :))

  174. Sarah the name of the song is “Good man” by Josh Ritter

  175. No “Re Stacks”, Bon Iver? (season 4, I know, this kind of music is crossing the line of “music to who’s in love”)

  176. to Remon:
    i’m interesting about those piano sheets- House & Patrick’s duet..

  177. Hey!

    At the end of the 6th episode of the 3rd season i think, he plays his guitar… i wonder if you now wich song he plays

    ty so much

  178. Thanks Edward!
    You just made my day :D

  179. S4E16 when house is talking to amber on the white bus just after she dies, up beat sort of song. Name and band would be appreciated


  180. Hi everyone, I see that everyone here is as fond of House as I am and also fascinated by the music used throughout the series. So I wonder if anyone knows the classical music piece that is played in the beginning of episode 23 in the 5th series, the one on which the ballet dancers are performing right at the beginning of the episode before the medical case is revealed. Hope there is someone out there who can help me with this and I give thanks in advance to whoever can solve this mystery for me!

  181. In case anyone else was wondering the same thing I found out what I was looking. i was Philip Glass string quartet no 2. Enjoy!

  182. @ika and @Lukec I believe it’s Passing Afternoon by Iron & Wine. best regards!

  183. I am also looking for the name of song and artist from episode where Amber dies, but NOT the one on the bus, the one before that, it was slow and sad and one line from it was “and she lost her wedding ring in a bougenvilla jar”. I know someone posted “Light for the Deadvine” but I don’t see that line in it? Is that it? Thanks for anyone with info. I really would like to buy that CD if I knew the artist/song name.

  184. i believe it’s Iron & Wine – Passing Afternoon, look it up on you tube and there you’ll find the lyrics too.

  185. So this one seems impossible to find: Season 3, Episode 13: Needle in a haystack. At the beginning of the episode, when they are in the car, there is a song playing on the stereo.
    Any ideas? Really want to know what that is!!!

  186. I searched in your conversations and I couldn’t find the one I’m looking for…it’s the FIRST melody from season 5 ep 2…the one the episode begings with…when 2 girls are playing tennis.


  187. I really want to know the song towards the end of the episode of the little boy that eats the sand and gets worms behind his eye.
    the song thats playing when the little boy hands the psp and its like, ‘I DONT WANNA GO ALONE’ over and over again. i love it!

  188. What is the name of the piano tune that is played when House is conducting an autopsy on the dead cat (Detox), and when the doctor from Africa is taking is pills (TB or not TB)? I have searched everywhere for it. If someone could send me an mp3, or at least some sheet music for the song that would be excellent. Thank you.


  189. Hi ALL!
    I’m not find good music (dr house) this low!
    I’m from hungary -csengele village, that’s fucking place!…
    I’m little speak English, for that very reason not look like silly!
    Good day…

  190. Ola,
    pls does anybody knows the song played in 5s 21 during the marriage cerimony.. tks

  191. This is great site! Simple and great at the same time. Regards from PL!

  192. hello!! The episode title is “Teamwork” and the song is on while Foreman talks to Thirteen, minute 15:25. Could you tell me its title or artist,please? Thank you!! You can watch the video here

  193. whats the name of the song in the last episode from season 7? at the ending..

  194. hey! does anybody know the name of the song or choir when chase is doing the autopsy of the baby killed by his mother?? season 2

  195. I want to know what the piano music is in the background of pretty much every episode. It usually happens during dramatic moments like when house visits a patient and tries to talk them into doing something or whatever. I have been looking everywhere and can’t find a single lead. It’s pretty slow and is kinda depressing but I liked it. Help me please?

  196. hi brenan request its the same as mine,please help,its a piano music slow then changes the tempo,its really erratic but strange at the same time,please help…

  197. piano bgm during House performs a necropsy on the cat, finding the cause of the cat’s death as well as what’s affecting Keith.

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  205. hi folks, im looking for spanish song at the end of episode 3 of season two it was played when foreman enters the cockfight show ……. its kind of spanish song i guess….

  206. What is the song that is playing on the piano in the background when House and Wilson are arguing in the restaurant during S7E16- Out of the chute. Thankyou.

  207. This piece of writing will assist the internet people for creating new web site or even a blog from start to end.

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